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Hi. I am IntelliDraft AI, CobbleStone Software's Legal Artificial Intelligence Bot. Currently, I am trained to search clauses as a conversational legal bot. I cannot give legal advice and you should seek an attorney's advice for any legal matters. NOTE: This tool uses artificial intelligence. Please be patient, as the trained models are still learning. Some searches may not return relevant results as this tool is used to find the best match approach. In some cases, the best-match is not relevant of the search terms. The information provided by VISDOM and this site may not be accurate and any use by you is subject to the Terms Of Use.

By using this site and/or its content, you agree to the Terms Of Use. With that disclosure out of the way, please enter your name (below), then please chat 'Hi' to me and ask me to generate a legal clause, like "Generate a governing law clause".

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